Le Visiteur, nouvelle d’Anton Tchekhov parue en Théâtre[modifier | modifier le code]. Le Visiteur, pièce de théâtre d’Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt (). Le Bâillon est une courte pièce en un acte d’Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt parue en Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Théâtre Tome 1 – La Nuit Des Valognes – Le Visiteur – Le Baîllon – L’ecole Du Diable, Paris, éd. Albin Michel, 16 septembre by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, directed by Guy Mignault In “Le Visiteur” won three Molières (Paris’s Tony Awards)–Best Play, Best Author.

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I do not know what Brother Jean Froissard thinks of it 1but I can be sure of one thing: From hard-to-believe fiction to a meditation based on established facts, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt lures us along precipitous pathways. Unlike the best plays of ideas, “Le Visiteur” does not leave the audience with much to ponder at the close. He is about to be persuaded to leave Vienna, now under the heel of the Nazis. Whoever you are, when you see the play, you are faced with otherness.

So nothing is really proved.

The Visitor

Paperback60 pages. Against a background that recreates the atmosphere of Freud’s study in Vienna, Schmitt has mixed elements of fiction with true facts from the life of the father of psychoanalysis. With his daughter being interrogated by the Visiteir and the weight of the decision he must make bearing down upon him, Freud cries out in anguish.

It’s one of the best-conceived designs of the year. Freud on God’s couch. Colin Black is magnificent as Freud, poised between strength and vulnerability, invigorated by the chance to parry ideas with a man who is his intellectual equal.


But the surrounding landscape is stunning and the dialogue between Freud and his visitor is of the best, dealing with all the great scientist’s favourite themes and all the problems that haunted his research and discoveries, together with the metaphysical treatments that concern every one of us in our relationship with the world. Lists with This Book. To ask other readers questions about Le Visiteurplease sign up.

Theatre professionals were carried away by the play. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Le Visiteur

With continuous intimidation from a Gestapo officer and persuasion from his daughter and the mysterious visitor, Freud eventually agrees to sign and leave. Schmitt’s elegant, poetic language is beautifully captured by translators Michel Didier and Liz Merrill, who also directs. Against the background of Vienna racked by the Nazi takeover, Sigmund Freud is debating whether or not he should accept the offer of escape to Britain with his daughter on condition that he sign a paper stating that he has been well treated and has seen no sign of persecution of the Jews, even though he and everyone else knows of the activities of the Gestapo and the camps.

One of Freud’s dreams? Schmitt covers a variety of themes in his work. Refresh and try again. How can we still believe in God in a world where horror goes hand in hand with abomination, where bombs kill and where racial discrimination is more rife than ever before? Two of them told me it was brilliant but the third one said he hadn’t been in the least interested.

In Vienna in a month after the Anschluss, Sigmund Freud’s daughter Anna tries to convince her father to flee Austria.

Le Visiteur : Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt :

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. So much the better for us, since we become the privileged witnesses of a duel of minds between an absorbed, tense Dr Freud, who uses reason alone to argue and this total stranger, who wields a devastating sense of humour.


A lunatic escaped from an asylum, a mythomaniac, a joker or even a secret agent sent to compromise him? This highlights the play’s debate about whether religion is a defence or a barrier. The best aspect of Schmitt’s play is his characterization of God as a nonchalant dandy. To begin with, it was hard to get an audience and then, when people learnt it was free, the house started to fill up. The theme is daring and dangerous: The most amusing section of the play is when Freud, assuming the Visitor is demanding a private session, tries to psychoanalyze him with no success.

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s The Visitor is remarkable both for the writing andfor the players’ performances.

Le Bâillon — Wikipédia

The play is still a success in every theatre where it is on. It was no worse than the previous evening.

What can the remedy be? The Nazi officer Joel Barbouth is excellentwho keeps harassing Freud and his daughter Anna brilliant, Josiane Stoleruinadvertently gives the doctor a clue: When lit from behind the chinks between the books look like a myriad of candles.

Only two people in the audience had paid for their seats: