Sep 9, The document was given the codename KUBARK and for decades it served as the standard for legally gray or black interrogation techniques. PDF | A careful reading of the KUBARK manual is essential for anyone involved in interrogation, if perhaps for no other reason than to uncover a definition of. This manual, the infamous KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation, dated July KUBARK was a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency cryptonym for the CIA itself.

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What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? This is the oldest manual, and describes the use of abusive techniques, as exemplified by two references to the use of electric shock, in addition to use of threats and fear, sensory deprivation, and isolation.

The manual advises an interrogator to “manipulate the subject’s environment, to create unpleasant or intolerable situations. Democracy, Intervention, and Human Rights. BACK in the thick of the heavy, dark days of the Vietnam War, mznual CIA conducted a survey of the existing literature it had on torture, all of the studies carried out by reckless psychologists in the 50s, wisdom accrued from police beatings of suspects in interrogations, the effects of isolation, everything the most powerful clandestine service knew about torture and compiled it into what amounted to a field manual on how to best extract information from unwilling informants.

As is true of all craftsmen, some interrogators are more able than others; and some of their superiority may be innate. The kind of person who cannot help personalizing, who becomes emotionally involved in kubari interrogation situation, may have chance and even spectacular successes as an interrogator but is almost certain to have a poor batting average.

He sometimes gratifies his feeling of secret superiority by provoking unjust treatment. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. A calculated display of feeling employed for a specific purpose is an exception; but even under these circumstances the interrogator is in full control. People in this category are characteristically frugal, orderly, and cold; frequently they are quite intellectual.

And like all other typologies, the system is plagued by overlap, so that some interrogatees will show characteristics of more than one group.

They are not impulsive in behavior. There is indeed a torture manual and the CIA literally wrote it. Enabled Amazon Best Intwrrogation Rank: Like other interrogation aides, a scheme of categories is useful only if recognized for what it is — a set of labels that facilitate communication but are not the same as the persons thus labelled. Caballero said CIA instructors taught him to discover what his prisoners loved and what they hated, “If a person did not like cockroaches, then that manaul might be more cooperative if there were cockroaches running around the room” [11] The methods taught in the manual and those used by Battalion in the early s show unmistakable similarities.


Suspects should be held incommunicado and should be deprived of any kind of normal routine in eating and sleeping. As an adult he may have learned to cloak his resistance and become passive-aggressive, but his determination to get his own way is unaltered.

Is there a torture manual?

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The search kubarm the pertinent scientific literature disclosed no reports of interrohation based on common denominator traits of successful interrogators or any other controlled inquiries that would invest these lists with any objective validity. It follows that errors in assessment and in handling are likelier to result from snap judgments based upon the assumption of innate skill in judging others than from holding such judgments in abeyance until enough facts are known.

Designed as an aid for interrogators and others immediately concerned, it is based largely upon the published results of extensive research, including scientific inquiries conducted by interrofation in closely related subjects. Sectionthe material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Such an agent may feel confident manuao not to be gravely concerned about himself.

The CIA’s Torture Manual In Its Entirety, Part I | Stuff You Should Know

The old adage that anticipation is worse than the experience appears to also have a basis in the shadowy field of torture. Control of an interrogatee can rarely be established without control of his environment. All analyses of the defector-refugee flow have shown that the Orbit services are well-aware of the advantages offered by this channel as a means of planting their agents in target countries.

He is not able to withstand very much pressure; he reacts to a challenge not by increasing his efforts but rather by running away to avoid conflict. Threats and threatening gestures, table-pounding, pouncing on evasions or lies, and any similarly authoritative tactics will only awaken in such a subject his old anxieties and habitual defense mechanisms.

The purpose, then, is not to teach the reader how to be a good interrogator but rather to tell him what he must learn in order to become a good interrogator. From the viewpoint of the intelligence service the categories of persons who most frequently provide useful information in response to questioning are travellers; repatriates; defectors, escapees, and refugees; transferred sources; agents, including provocateurs, double agents, and penetration agents; and swindlers and fabricators.

At best it can help readers to avoid the characteristic mistakes of poor interrogators. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Baltimore Sun was investigating “kidnapping, torture and murder” committed by the Mabual Battalion death squad. It is equally true that some of the most glaring blunders in interrogation and other operational processes have resulted from ignoring the source’s background.

The interrogation of a resistant source who is a staff or agent member inerrogation an Orbit intelligence or security service or of a clandestine Communist organization is one of the most exacting of professional tasks.


The CIA’s Declassified Torture Handbook: How to Create a “World of Fear, Terror, Anxiety, Dread.”

The manuals in question have been referred to by various media sources as the “torture manuals”. Educing Information – Interrogation: The Pentagon press release accompanying the release stated that a investigation into the manuals concluded that “two dozen short passages in six of the manuals, which total pages, contained material that either was not or could be interpreted not intrerogation be consistent with U.

We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. This work is of sufficient importance and relevance that mubark is no longer possible to discuss interrogation significantly without reference to the psychological interrkgation conducted in the past decade.

The profound fear and hatred of authority, persisting since childhood, is often well-concealed in adulthood, For example, such a person may confess easily and quickly under interrogation, even to acts that he did not commit, in order to throw the interrogator off the trail of a significant discovery or, more rarely, because of feelings of guilt.

What follows is the manual in its entirety, from a version downloaded by me initially sometime in as research for a HowStuffWorks article titled, Is there a torture manual? The Theory of Coercion C. ingerrogation

The Wave of the Future That Wasn’t. Thereafter the provocateur may be questioned for operational and positive intelligence as well as amnual provided that proper cognizance is taken of ihterrogation status during the questioning and later, when reports are prepared. Human Intelligence Collector Operations: In the name of defending democracy, the manuals advocate profoundly undemocratic methods.

Old dogs can learn new tricks but not new ways of learning them. This is not to say that egotistic types should be allowed to bask at length in the warmth of individual recognition.

He has merely learned how to proceed indirectly if necessary. He is — and always has been — intensely concerned about his personal possessions.

Later portions of this manual explore this unterrogation in more detail. For example, “While we do not stress the use of kkubark techniques, we do want to make you aware of them and the proper way to use them”, has been altered to, “While we deplore the use of coercive techniques, we do want to make you aware of them so that you may avoid them.

Some texts even discuss the interrogator’s manners and grooming, and one prescribed the traits considered desirable in his secretary.