In the infamous torture memos of , Yoo and Bybee, authorised “enhanced interrogation” techniques (EITs), acts previously recognised by. The Responsibility of the Faculty of the University at California at Berkeley in the Matter of the Torture Memo of Professor John Yoo A weblog. Former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo wrote in the New York Times op-ed that he had “grave concerns about Mr. Trump’s uses of.

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Even Torture Memo Author John Yoo Thinks Rectal Feeding Was Illegal | HuffPost

The New York Times. After summarizing the law, it analyses the elements of the offense of torture inflicting severe pain or sufferingand the specific or criminal intent required by the statute for the offense. After he left the Department of Justice, it was revealed that Yoo had written legal opinions, including co-writing the Torture Memo of August 1,that narrowly defined torture and American habeas corpus obligations.

It provides case law supporting its position of the executive branch to conduct war. In addition to these memos issued by the OLC to executive agencies, internal memos were written related to the use of torture in interrogation of detainees; for instance, in andDonald RumsfeldSecretary of Defensesigned several memos authorizing “Special Interrogation Plans” for specific detainees held at Guantanamo Bay in an attempt to gain more information from them.

In addressing reports of his regrets, he said in the same article that he would have done some things differently, such as clarifying and sharpening the analysis of some of his answers, to help the public better understand in retrospect the basis for his conclusions.


Convention Against Tortureand whether such actions could be the basis for prosecution in the International Criminal Court. Retrieved 16 January Jeffrey May 10, As one former CIA official, once a senior uohn for the directorate of operations, told me: Accessed April 5, via Google News Archives.

He is best known for his opinions concerning the Geneva Conventions that attempted to legitimize the War on Terror by the United States. Intwo days after taking office, President Barack Obama in Executive Order repudiated tortur revoked all legal guidance on interrogation authored by Yoo and his successors in the Office of Legal Counsel between September 11,and January 20, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved from ” https: Gonzales, Counsel to the President Re: In the explanation of the definition of torture according to 18 U. Morareported that policies allowing methods equivalent to torture were developed in the highest levels of the administration.

In addition, on March 14,Yoo wrote a legal opinion memo in response to the General Counsel of the Department of Defense, in which he concluded that torture not allowed by federal law could be used by interrogators in overseas areas. Several top military lawyers, including Alberto J. Yoo suggested that since the primary task of the President during a time of war is yorture U.

Archived from the original PDF on July 28, David Luban, a law professor at Georgetown Law School, testified before Congress on May 13,stating that the tkrture were “an ethical train wreck” and had been drafted to “reverse engineer” a defense for illegal actions already committed. Retrieved April 13, Retrieved 21 April The Padilla complaint, on page 20, cited Goldsmith’s book The Terror Presidency in support of its case.

John Yoo – Wikipedia

How could OLC have written opinions that, when revealed to the world weeks after the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, made it seem as though the administration was giving official sanction to torture, and brought too dishonor on the United States, the Bush administration, the Department of Justice, and the CIA? The understanding of the George H. Yoo concludes the letter by stating, “It is possible that an ICC official would ignore the torturf limitations imposed by the Rome Statute, or at least disagree with the President’s interpretation of [the Geneva Convention].


The Senate Intelligence Committee’s review of 6.

Even Torture Memo Author John Yoo Thinks Rectal Feeding Was Illegal

Archived from the original on September 30, Goldsmith’s tenure at OLC was ten months. It concludes that the “ratification history and negotiating history [of the convention] all confirm that Section A reaches only the most heinous acts”, and thus implies that this confirms its definition of torture in part one, section two of this memo.

Legal views on warrantless searches, domestic surveillance, torture memos also known as “enhanced interrogation techniques” and expansive executive power. Retrieved 22 December It clarifies that a medical expert will always be present “to prevent severe physical or mental harm[. For the Chinese-Australian pediatrician, see John Yu.

All of these memoranda have been the focus of considerable controversy over executive power, government practices, and the treatment of detainees during the Bush administration. This section reviews how no appreciable harm torfure ever resulted from the application of these techniques on U.