Spotlight Publications – Selection of Jack and The Beanstalk Pantomime Scripts. Jack & The. Beanstalk. A pantomime by. Daniel Bell. Spotlight Publications Spotlight pantomimes must be played as per the script, and without alterations. 1The Killorglin Pantomime Group are proud to present their 52nd annual pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk T.

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Click on the “Price” links for details of the script prices and licensing arrangements. If you want to make multiple copies for use at rehearsals, a Script Copying Licence is required in And you need all the beauty sleep you can get.

Looking into the audience Well, I just happen to know where I can find plenty of those! In the beanstlak village of Hammer an alternative pantomime, evoking ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, comes to life as the ghoulish residents engage in much panto music and fun. The price ths be shown after you select the title required. A lively modern script by Midlands writer Alan P Frayn gave many a topical twist scrjpt this most traditional of pantomimes, which played to ten packed houses.

In dire straits, Jack sells the family cow, Cuddle, but is duped by Giant Guzzle’s unscrupulous chefs, Butcher Bonecruncher and Basher the Tattiemasher.

Lazy Bee Scripts does not supply any bexnstalk music with this script. This fun-filled script is packed with novel ideas and comedy business, whilst remaining faithful to the well-known story.

Pantomime Script Search Results

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner. A free preview script containing a significant part of the full script and provided as a pdf file sized for A4 paper. Starts to exit DL. His scripts are updated every year to ensure that the jokes are fresh and relevant and this is a big bonus. A passing leprechaun sells Jack some magic beans, and when he plants them, he, Kack Jolly, Jwck Chips the schoolmaster and Dick Dummox are transported to Limboland.


Jack and the Beanstalk has been fantastic! Of Cabbages and Kings! Maybe things will look brighter in the morning. They may not be printed, quoted or performed without the permission of Lazy Bee Scripts. Click here to read the script or Click here for more details. jqck

As a traditional family pantomime it provides great value for money, is exuberant and infectious xcript is just what is needed to get the festive season off to a rollicking start! You need a good script. Whatever did I do to deserve such stupid sons?

You mean apart from me. The Fairy, transforms Fleshcreep, he becomes an honest citizen, and through a few judicious marriages, they all live happily anc after. Dame Trott and her sons Jack and Steve are threatened with eviction if they don’t pay the rent. The Trott’s are forced to sell off their only cow, Daisy, but they are tricked at the market and Jack returns home with a bag of beans instead of the gold he had expected. Jack ends up with only a bag of beans to show for his trouble. Jack and his family go on a scary adventure to Carcass Castle and after a narrow escape, Jack slays the Giant, saves Jill and everything come up roses for the Pzntomime family!


The script is really funny with laugh after laugh all performance long. There were gags-a-plenty, which kept the audience giggling and tee-heeing throughout, with regular guffaws thrown in for good measure!

Chaos In Wonderland by Richard Coleman. It was the beans talk of the town! The well drawn characters, along with Dobbin the panto horse, join together in non-stop action, song and dance, lashings of corny jokes and audience participation opportunities.

Jack & the Beanstalk Pantomime Script by Alan P Frayn

Though it is not specified in the script, Jack’s Mother could be played by a Male as a pantomime dame and Jack could be played by a Female as a panto principal boy. All the scripts described below can be read in full on the Lazy Bee Scripts web site click on the titles. Miraculously, a Giant beanstalk appears.

Meanwhile Jack has fallen in love with Princess Jill. If you’ve bought an e-script or a printed script, this licence permits you to make copies of it for rehearsal use. With an action-packed storyline, this very original, funny script makes for panto at its best! The full script provided as a pdf file for A4 size paper. Under the protection of the Fairy, Jack is instructed to visit the Giant’s kitchen and get the golden eggs without waking the crying harp.

The Royal Equerry, a bit of a twit. I may be simple but at least I never sold a cow for a load of beans.