View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 stereo instruction manual online. for helmets. Interphone F4 stereo Portable Stereo System pdf manual download. View and Download Blueant Interphone F4 manual online. stereo. Interphone F4 Telephone pdf manual download. Interphone F4 stereo Bluetooth motorcycle intercom system review. The F4 instruction manual clearly describes how to use all of the.

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Blueant interphone F4 Manual

There is no way to retrieve them. Intephone minus and plus buttons are pushed to raise or lower the volume or to control the MP3 player. At the end I bought the Interphone F4 set which works pretty well but with some remarks….

Hope this is helpful. Page 14 Please refer to the section Use – Telephone section. I trust that this is of assistance to other users, who may be experiencing similar failures, but not knowing the cause. Don’t have an account? Make Smart Decisions Product Buying Guides In-depth guides to help riders understand what to look for, how to weigh options and make good buying decisions.

So we included a brief clip in the video that we used during an experiment that shows me walking away from the video camera while talking on the F4.

20 Most Recent Interphone F4 Single Stereo Questions & Answers – Fixya

Can you figure it out? BlueAnt will replace or repair any faulty hardware provided it has not been misused or abused in any way. Also includes is an extra foam microphone anti-wind cover a pair of extra helmet speaker mounts; a small battery charger V in North America with a dual connector to charge two F4 modules at once with a single wall plug; and the instruction manual with a separate pocket guide.


I would write like to write to the General Manager of Blue Ant but the only number contact they give out is the tech support number and they are useless…. Always check before purchasing. I commute to work on my bike and need to be able to talk on the phone. Both cell phone and iPod work well together, both connect to the F4 at the same time as promised so I am happy about that.

What app would be best to download or is it already possible?

Wired Motorcycle Intercom Reviews. I dissected one of the non functioning head sets.

Brad Brown Level 3 Expert Answers. I experience very little, if any, clipping of audio from the newer zumo devices whether the link is active or not.

Always protect your hearing when riding a motorcycle more. The last day I spent some time to find out why the VOX had stopped on one set and one speaker was intermittent on another. I should add that I was wearing a Nolan with ear plugs and riding behind a massive windshield that provide a very nice and quiet ride.


There are a few differences like the helmet clamp, the place of the volume buttons, the more advanced speakers, and the AD2P technology. Cell Phones Posted 6 hours ago Be the first to answer. Interphone F4 intercom speaker L and connector for headset and charging R. Now with an Interphone F4, we are three years down the line and onto the third set of headsets mike and speakers.


Blueant interphone F4 stereo Instruction Manual

I have this feature in my car, why not in an intercom system? It does take about 35 seconds to initially pair the two F4 units however, so be patient!

Bluetooth Adapters and Intercom Accessory Reviews. The microphone installation was mildly more difficult as I needed to be able to remove and fit the helmet without knocking it our of place, but that too was achieved within a half or so.

This is described in Section 3. I had my wife ring me while wearing the helmet and listening to the IPOD and was very happy with the alert beeping to advise me of the incoming call and after pressing the large easily located button was pleased to her the phone call clearly through the speakers while the IPOD was automatically muted.

It worked very well but it had some problems with the design of the microphone; specifically the method used to connect the microphone to the speaker to form the headset unit. This brings us to the Interphone F3, which is a new system that appears identical to the F4 shown here.

Different sound chips could be sold interrphone different languages that would plug into the intercom.