Al Hisnul Hasin is a compilation of the simplification of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) written by the well known Scholars of Hadith, Allamma ibn Al-Jazri (RA). Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Al-Hisn Al-Haseen: Complete Translation & Commentary By Muhammad Al-Jazri Translation & Commentary By Mufti Muhammad Aashiq Elahi English.

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None is worthy of worship ebglish Allah alone ; He has no part- ner; to Him belongs the kingdom; and to Him is due all praise; He has power over all things. If read times for any legitimate purpose, it will be accom- plished insha- Allah. You know all and! You are Most Praiseworthy and Glorious.

When Finding Accommodation Dua on the First Night after the Wedding I rely in Allah. Then he used to leave his bed in order to perform Wudhu and make miswaak. AH praises are due to Allah for all times.

Therefore, whenever a person decides to mount the camel or board any conveyancehe should do so by mentioning Allah’s name just as He had commanded, for it is Allah alone who enables us to take control of the conveyance.

When Surrounded by the Enemy Surely, You have power over all basin.

Chapters list

O Allah, our Lord and the Lord of at! It will be found soon insha-AUah. Englidh above should be read in the morning and evening. I beg forgiveness of You and repent to You.


Your wrath and punishment. If engraved on a silver ring and worn, the wearer will inspire awe in the hearts of people. The Excellence of Surah Fath Repentance and the Dua Related to it When leaving hiwnul toilet recite this Dua: Ha]] and Duas Related to Hisnu, Rewards are great and many.

There is no deity except Allah and A Hah is the greatest 18 After lying down to rest recite the following Dua.

Al-Hisnul Hasin – ( English/Arabic ) – (HB)

They will attain the highest of ranks hinsul Jannah. O People, fear Your Lord who created you from a single person and created out of it his mate and scattered from them count- less men and women.

Anyone wishing to be honoured by the Ulama and pious people should continue reciting this Name of Allah until he falls asleep. Make peace and reconciliation.

Condolence of the Angels The Dua is as follows: The Salaat and Salaam Anyone who places both hands on his chest before Fajr Salaah and says this Attribute of Allah 70 times, his heart will be illumi- nated with the noor of Imaan insha-AHah.

With Your name have I laid down my body. They are as mentioned in 8. Duas to be Recited During the Course of the Day 60 These added together will be The Etiquette of Zikrullah 14 6. When Witnessing Something that is Not Pleasing Increase me in my knowledge and let not my heart deviate after You have guided me and grant me special mercy from Your presence for You are the one who grants bounties without measure.


He again recited the same Dua, took a sip, returned the water in the cup arid sprinkled it between my two shoulders and said to me: The Sunnah of Fajr 86 Tasks will be accomplished without difficulty if recited excess- ively. And I seek protection with You from You. O Allah, let there be no share for the devil in what You grant us.

Full text of “Al Hisnul E Hasin – English”

And grant me ex- cellent manners and morals as You alone can guide us to acquire these. Hwsin seek Your protection from disbelief and poverty.

According to the Hadeeth Waseelah is a special position in Jannah which will be granted to a chosen servant of Allah only. When Afflicted by Nazr I testify that 48 there is none worthy of worship besides You. I have en- trusted my life to You and turned my face towards You and entrusted all my affairs to You and have totally placed my re- liance in You.

Your purity l declare, O Allah, with Your praise. Whoso learns them and recites them will surely enter Jannah.