Process Making Fiber Cement old type and improvement. Asbestos fiber cement techhology about years ago, Ludwig Hatschek made the. Equipment Evolution. Hatschek Forming Machine process entire sheet machine output. > Worked on process improvements to provide +/-. 1/8” on all. Hatschek process for the production of fiber cement plates. [] NL-A discloses a method and appa- ratus for manufacturing fiber.

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A Hatschek process hayschek to any one of the preceding claims, wherein each of said monolayers is provided by accumulating fiber cement slurry on a rotating sieve drum and removing said accumulated fiber cement slurry hattschek said rotating sieve drum as a monolayer, the width of said first type of monolayer in transverse direction being provided by obstructing at least part of the sieve at the outer ends in axial direction of the rotating sieve drum. As shown in figure 6a, a top view of a rotating sieve drum rotating in its slurry containing vat, i.

The reference figures quoted below refer hxtschek the attached drawings. Two developments occurred around the middle of the last century that had high significance to modern replacements of asbestos based cement composites. Process for producing non-combustible gypsum board and non-combustible laminated gypsum board.

Also that the order of more wide and less wide monolayers may be varied.

A Hatschek process according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein said multilayered slab consists of 2 to 8 monolayers. This product orocess air-cured, since Hatscheek fibers are, in general, not autoclave stable. Attempts to overcome this extra process step of material removal, which is relatively expensive, by accumulating uncured fiber cement slab as multilayered slab form the Hatschek machinery on a profiled accumulator roll.

A defence against rot and humidity The combination of raw material and matrix structure of fibre-cement also provides excellent processs. The above and other characteristics, features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, which illustrate, by way of example, the principles of the invention.


This website uses cookies to measure traffic and for optimization of content. However the disadvantage is that the density and hence the physical properties of the plate with tapered edges, is different. As such a fiber cement multilayered slabas shown in figure 3is provided wherein the first monolayer is covered by the three other monolayers. So in a zone of length L, the diameter of the accumulator roll gradually changes from Dmin to Dmax.

WO2017001230A2 – Hatschek process – Google Patents

A Hatschek process according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein said multilayered slab further comprises m additional monolayerssaid m monolayers being monolayers of said first type hatzchek monolayers. This allowed the replacement of much of ahtschek cement with fine ground silica, which reacted at autoclave temperatures with the excess lime in the cement to produce calcium silica hydrates similar to the normal cement matrix.

Since many imitators also were founded who did not use the Eternit license. Fibre cement – a building material with many strenghts Man made PV A fibres have long since replaced the mineral fibre, and other solids are now added to the slurry to furnish differe nt performance characteristics.

Thick organic coatings are also expensive, and hydraulic presses are a high cost manufacture step. A Hatschek process for the production of profiled fiber cement plates is provided. CN CNB en. P1 and P5 are at the tapered edges of ;rocess uncured, profiled fiber cement plate.

hatdchek The hydration process means the material gets progressively stronger, providing concrete like strength but at a much lower weight. Because the matrix of asbestos reinforced roofing products was generally very dense specific gravity about 1. Imprinted water-permeable cement concrete ground structure with aggregate exposed on surface, and manufacturing method thereof.

Fibre cement – Cembrit

Method for producing mosaic panels for facings and pavements, plant for carrying out this method and panel obtained thereby. It is to be noticed that the term “comprising”, used in the claims, should not be interpreted as being restricted to the means listed thereafter; it does not exclude other elements or steps.



The same reference signs refer to the same, similar or analogous elements in the different figures. The Hatschek process of any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the first type having a single layer of a thickness of at least a single monolayer of the second type different from the at least one monolayer thickness of. Hatschek processes for the production of fiber cement plates are well known in the art. Asbestos fibers had several advantages.

A process for producing shaped fiber cement board Hatschek process, said process comprising the steps: As an example, four rotating drum sieves as shown in figure 1 and 6 are used to form four monolayers.

A number of monolayers, in the embodiment shown in figure 1in total four, are created by four rotating sieve pricess, If you do not accept cookies it hattschek impact your experience of our websites and the services we are able to offer.

Fibre cement – rooted in history

Such references indicate that a particular feature, described in relation to the embodiment is included in at hatscnek one embodiment of the present invention. A method and a felt for forming fiber cement articles with base fabric with parallel non- batschek md yarns.

Asbestos cement was also used in many applications requiring high fire resistance due to the great thermal stability of asbestos. Fibre cement is however porous thereby making it ideal for use in high humidity climates. CN CNB en