Pay for Performance and Evaluation System Summary. November Monroe County. Agenda. Pay for Performance. Process breakdown. Halogen Software. Halogen eAppraisal™ Education transforms this administrative task into a strategic activity, so your organization can drive accountability and make the review. Herndon, Virginia-based Network Solutions selected Halogen eAppraisal™ to automate performance evaluations for more than employees in multiple.

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Match your current look and feel, including corporate branding. Create forms using the language and terminology of your eaporaisal. Choose from a menu of 27 different process steps and define their order to create your customized assessment workflow.

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Employees clearly understand how their productivity contributes directly to the success of their team, business unit and the organization. Its extensive authoring aids and point-and-click simplicity dramatically improve HR and line manager productivity, resulting eaplraisal professional quality reviews in a fraction of the time. Traditional employee profile eapprisal have promised much, but delivered very little business value to the organization. A web-based multi-module management system designed by Halogen Software Inc.

Help each employee get specific feedback that is relevant to their performance.

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Get straight-forward, eappraisall views of cascaded corporate goals for both managers and employees: Use the nearly preconfigured descriptions provided, modify them, or create your own. The Employee Lifecycle Pack is included free with Halogen eAppraisal, and gives you a head start by providing you with a comprehensive library of form templates that address every stage of the employment lifecycle, so you can be sure you:.

Organizational goal management enables organizations to move quickly from strategy planning to strategy execution.

Build organizational bench-strength with a broader understanding of individual and organizational competencies, skills and gaps so you can address them with targeted development plans.

Halogen eAppraisal also comes complete with an extensive library of Lean competencies, developed by Lean Institute faculty members, to help you cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. Pull feedback directly into employee performance appraisals to provide direct support for ratings and comments. Halogen eAppraisal’s flexibility has been proven over hslogen over again in a broad range of organizations – from agri-business to healthcare.


Evaluation Forms The beauty of Halogen eAppraisal” flexible employee evaluation forms is that they adapt to your performance appraisal system rather than imposing a narrow template or a fixed number of options. Link Career and Employee Development to Competencies Just as you can align employee and organizational goals, Halogen eAppraisal lets you link development activities to specific competencies. Use your own terminology and language.

Choose whether or not to share your notes with your employees. You can also use the API to send updates from your Halogen employee profiles to these same third-party systems, ensuring accurate, up-to-date employee data across the organization. Give employees what they want — accurate, meaningful feedback!

Track key performance indicators for organization goals, identify important trends and act more quickly on performance metrics. The first status update feature of its kind for a talent management solution, activity tracker has been designed in response to a real business requirement — the need to understand what performance and development related actions are taking place in the system. Creating your own performance appraisal forms is really quick and easy. Security limitations with traditional employee profile systems mean they can only provide two profile views: Reduce the time HR spends pouring over performance appraisals to ensure appropriate language and avoid potentially litigious comments.

Halogen eAppraisal comes complete with a pre-populated and customizable spell checker and a language sensitivity checker, to ensure managers do not include misspelled or inappropriate words in their employee performance appraisals.

Effortlessly jot down performance highlights about the employee when they occur.

Halogen eAppraisal

Halogen eAppraisal automates, dramatically simplifies, and streamlines the entire employee performance evaluation process. Refer to pricing for details. Get the Information You Need Dashboard reports require no configuration — data is automatically presented based on your reporting structure.


For example, how well was the competency demonstrated, how frequently was it demonstrated, how ezppraisal is it, etc.

You can create career and professional development plans as part of the employee performance appraisal process or independently. Share feedback anytime, anywhere using Feedback Central on Halogen Mobile. Activity tracker provides three different views: Get automated reminders to record and manage employee performance feedback all year round. Log performance gaps and critical incident reports, as well as accomplishments. Managers can easily couple Talent Profile information with data from your talent management processes, to get the information they need to make informed decisions — all from one central location.

See our case study on savings. Get all the features that are important to you, your organization, and your managers: Easily Define Who Does What, When Configure your performance management process workflow with point and click simplicity — no need for IT or vendor involvement. Just give us a call. When a project team member, hiring manager, succession planner or anyone else searches for candidates matching specific criteria, they can compare profiles, find the best match, then click a button to communicate with their ideal candidate by email — all within the Halogen Talent Management Suite”.

Make it easier for your staff to connect and collaborate.

Build in multiple approval steps — up to four managerial levels of approval in addition to HR — to suit your needs. About Halogen eAppraisal Halogen eAppraisal automates, dramatically simplifies, and streamlines the entire employee performance evaluation process. HR, managers, team leaders and decision-makers get centralized access to useful, up-to-date information to support key decisions.