The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble Bihi, a Somali with a degree in economics who has made and lost a fortune in the virtual goat market. Previous post: Understanding the jargon of Brexit. Next post: The European Court of Justice may have rescued Italy’s banks. The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September by DailyLit, 35 pages, Kindle Edition.

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The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble – Julian Gough’s website

So when they asked me to star in a radio play about a giant speculative goat bubble, how could I say no? Well, I don’t think mass market consumers will be buying private jets, motor yachts, private islands and polo ponies. Maybe, now really is the time where we only work 3 days a week and leave it to modern green technology to manufacture cheap transport, cheap energy and cheap food.

The delicate fabric of society unravelled. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. I cut a stout stick from the bushes, and slept boat the edge of the runway to escape my hostile creditors, investigators, prosecutors.

It has absolutely nothing to do with efficiency as a main activity. Julian Gough is an award winning author of funny stories about serious things. The only efficient thing that matters is the amount of energy required to do real work. That is why the UK, along with other countries, is in trouble.

Upper reaches of the food chain collapses as extinction occurs lower down. There was a loosening in credit. This hargwisa is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled.

In other words, what happens when the value of something is based solely on the expectation of its price in the market instead of on its real utility?

Somaliland: The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble

At the moment we can only be rich by using bubbles because we use a no longer fit for purpose financial system that was invented in 15th Century pre-machine age Venice. But all the consumers have in their pockets is the 1p I paid them so independent of the quality of the goods or the real demand for the goods or the real resources available to make them, I will not be able to do business hargeiaa the country will be poor unless someone somewhere goes bbble borrows i.


Essentially ‘globalization’ meant the use of foreign manufacturing at deflated rates with domestic branding. That is the whole point of the volume unit cost curve and the mature technology unit cost curve, both have unit cost drops.

Best of the Blog. We would be here for some time. The social anxiety and sense of failure felt by the millionaires and billionaires in a city of trillionaires caused despair, self-harm, even suicide.

What happened in the story and what happens in reality is that the bubble caused rise in bank lending to invest in the bubble. You have to provide something the rich do not have and the rest do not have. I again had nothing.

The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble

Then I want to sell the stock they make for me for 2p – to make a profit. The likeliest outcome of rising standards is higher levels of consumerism along the current model, in fact the Nano car in India is an example, this is being built for a multimillion consumer market in a population of a billion, and the response to critics of the pollution problem is, so what it is our turn.

I ate the final remnants of my penultimate goat, which I had cured in salt and carried on the tottering back of my ultimate goat to Hargeisa. Incidentally this is why conmen work, they are not bothered about efficiency and they frequently operate on exclusivity, ie scarcity. With Glengarry Glen Ross having just finished at the Gate, those seeking a further fix of David Mamet can get it in his provocative play on sexism and political correctness, Oleanna, in a production by Company D.

Complain about this comment Comment number 9. This is my blog for discussion of the UK economy, how it relates to the rest of the world, and how it affects us all. Which is all very well, if you’re into gat sort of thing. But if people don’t really want to listen it doesnt bother me, I just state the info in case anybody wants to consider it.

The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble by Richard’s Cloud | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Thus, the market price of two goats, paid to us that morning at the airport for each one of our slaughtered goats, was by that afternoon unable to buy us two goats in the market. One only needs to listen to any one of the ‘three’ main party leaders to see why this is unlikely to change any time soon, and why, as a consequence, matters won’t improve.


It seems to me that a goat economy relies on some ‘idiot’ wise man agreeing that there should be a regulation that permitted the goat economy to get out of hand in the first place. Dealbreaker Wall Street’s gossippy tabloid.

I have a hunch that it is a fear of major technological shift that has led all of the developed economies to concentrate their attention on Overall Cost Leadership. Everyone was growing richer, yet somehow more anxious.

Envious of our billions, they had fiddled the figures and diddled the books. I had, in all this world, one solitary three-legged goat. It had become a one-way bet. Thus, every third year I got one and, by rationing my consumption of it to a judicious lick at bedtime, could usually make it last till the taking down of the decorations on January 6th, or a little later.

The play can’t be nearly as bad as the real thing. It was as though it had never been You are watching this all around. No trivia or quizzes yet. When the numbers dry up the bubble bursts, there will be a shortage of money numbers and we will no longer be able to access the real resources.

But that is another story. Complain about this comment Comment number 1. As most of the products they are making are already down the curve – that is why production was shipped to China – it is inevitable so China already have some decline active even though it is well hidden in their overall activity. Read More Free Stuff.