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He was born in Vitoriaand has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from both the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Europea de Madrid. He has been the presenter enignas mystery programs on radio and publisher of many articles about paranormal activity.

Jiménez Elízari, Iker 1973-

He started in on small radio stations in Madrid until he went to some of the most important Spanish radio stations: Milenio 3 was the leader program in the Saturday late night Spanish radio and also in other schedules in which it was previously broadcast. Milenio 3 came to an end on June 28thafter 14 seasons on air. He currently presents the television program Cuarto Milenio Fourth Millennium.

He is married to Carmen Porter, also a journalist and team member of both Milenio 3 and Cuarto Milenio. He was born in Vitoria, and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from both the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Europea de Madrid. Milenio 3 came to an end on June 28th Iker is a Basque male given name.

The corresponding female name is Ikerne. It was created by the Spanish Basque writer Sabino Arana in his book Deun-Ixendegi Euzkotarra Collection of Basque Saints’ Names —an effort to provide neologistic Basque versions of names instead of the traditional adaptations of Romance names. The name may refer to: Ximenis or Eiximenis is a surname of Iberian origin, first appearing in the Basque lands.

The root appears to stem from Basque semen ‘son’attested in the Aquitanian inscriptions as Sembeconnis and like forms.

In English, all variations are commonly written without the diacritic. In Portuguese orthography, there is no diacritic used for Ximenes. Spelling As the modern name Ximenes has an -es suffix, it is almost certainly of Portuguese, Galician or Old Spanish origin, as the orthographic change to The program has been broadcast weekly on television channel Cuatro since November The program explores various topics such as conspiracy, occult, criminology, ufology, psychology, parapsychology, demonology, archaeology, history, and zoology.

He appeared in La Liga matches over nine seasons, seven of those spent with Espanyol. Toni helped Spain win the gold medal at the Summer Olympics. He hosted the interview show “Mis Enigmas Favoritos” English: After that he moved to Mijas Television. Here he served primaril The Gypsies in Spain, generally known as gitanos Spanish pronunciation: Nevertheless, to varying degrees, they identify with Andalusian culture and music due to the large and culturally significant gitano population present in that region.

Data on ethnicity is not collected in Spain, although the Government’s statistical agency CIS estimated in that the number of Gitanos present in Spain is probably around one million. In particular born or resident in the Basque Country, unless self-identifying as not Basque e.

This list does not contain people outside the Basque Country who happen to have one or more Basque surnames. For people of Basque ancestry in general, please see People with Basque ancestors.


Artists Anabel Alonso, actress. Joe Ansolabehere, animation screenwriter. Aurelio Arteta, writer and painter. Juanma Bajo Ulloa, filmmaker. The Lost Cosmonauts or Phantom Cosmonauts are subjects of a conspiracy theory alleging that Soviet cosmonauts went to outer space before Yuri Gagarin, but their existence has never been publicly acknowledged by either the Soviet or Russian space authorities.

Proponents of the Lost Cosmonauts theory argue that the Soviet Union attempted to launch two or more manned space flights prior to Gagarin’s, and that at least two cosmonauts died in those attempts.

Another cosmonaut, Vladimir Ilyushin, is believed to have landed off-course and been held by the Chinese government. The Government of the Soviet Union supposedly suppressed this information, to prevent bad publicity during the height of the Cold War. The evidence cited to support Lost Cosmonaut theories is generally regarded as inconclusive, and several cases have been confirmed as hoaxes.

In the s, American journalist James Oberg researched space-related disasters in the Soviet Union, but found no evidence of these Lost Cosmonauts. Latex casts may be shared among countries with local celebrities being used as anonymous citizens in foreign shows. It was initially hosted by the puppets of Marta Reyero and Hilario Pino, the real hosts of the channel daily news.

Iker Jiménez

This is a list of notable people who are Ufologists UFO researchers. Jimeez Fabio Zerpa, b. Officially inaugurated a UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta; the first in the world. Robert Charroux —writer, promoted the Ancient astronauts theory. Joan Fontcuberta born 24 February [1] is a conceptual artist whose best-known ikeer, such as Fauna and Sputnik, examine the truthfulness of photography.

In addition, he is a writer, editor, teacher, and curator. Biography Fontcuberta was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. He received a degree in communications from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in This is a list of ikfr haunted locations throughout the world, that are said to be haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings, including demons.

Reports of haunted locations are part of ghostlore, which is a form enigas folklore. Opened duringAradale was reserved for many of the incurable mental patients in Victoria during the s. An estimated 13, people died here during years of operation. Thirteen people were executed at the Ballarat Gaol in Ballarat. The remains of sev The Spanish men’s national basketball team is organized and run by the Spanish Basketball Federation.

Their last major title was inwhen they won the European championship. Unfortunately, as one of the favorites to ui medals, Spain but could not attend the Games because of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War just days before the start of the Games. Before the Spanish national team won the gold medal in the FIBA World Championship see belowtheir greatest international success was reaching the final in the Summer Olympics Basketball Tournament which took place in Los Angeles.

Performance featuring a trikiti with tambourine accompaniment The trikiti standard Basque, pronouncedtrikitixa dialectal Basque, pronounced or eskusoinu txiki “little hand-sound”, pronounced is a two-row Basque diatonic button accordion with right-hand rows keyed a fifth apart and twelve unisonoric bass buttons. The onomatopoeia trikiti, apparently stemming from the sound emitted jimejez the tambourine, originally referred to a traditional Basque ensemble, made up of the instrument which now bears the name as well as alboka, txistu and other instruments.

Probably introduced by French or Italian immigrants coming from the Alps,[1] the trikiti’s first written evidence is attested enifmas in the 19th century, exactly inwhen diatonic accordion was used for music in ain popular pilgrimage festivity of Urkiola Biscay. Ina trikiti appears in a picture taken in Altsasu Navarrea railway junction. This is a partial list of Spanish sportspeople.


For the full plain list of Spanish sportspeople on Wikipedia, see Category: Ahead resolvee the —15 campaign, Neves was earmarked to bypass Porto’s unders and play with the reserves instead.

Following an injury to teammate Mikel Agu, however, he was called by Julen Lopetegui to be part of the main squad’s pre-season preparati Pilar de Zubiaurre Garai, Basque Jimenea Spain— Mexico City, Mexico, was a Basque intellectual, writer, pianist, and art kier and manager who lived in exile in Mexico for more than thirty years as a consequence of the Spanish Civil War. Zubiaurre was born to a well-off family. Life and cultural activities Zubiaurre played an active role in the culture of Spain during the s—s.

Zubiaurre was one of the promoters of the magazine Hermes: During the s she organized cultural gatherings in the painting studio her b This is a list of programs on the TV network Cuatro.

Programs Cuarto Milenio English: This article is a list of riders who have rode for what is now the UCI team code: The team began in as Sun Reynolds. As a manager, Mourinho has won 25 major honours, making him one of the most successful managers of all time.

Mark Tacher Resllver born September 15, is a Mexican actor, musician, vocalist, guitarist, and a television host. Mark holds a degree in acting, has a background in music and singing, speaks three languages Spanish, English and Hebrewand has also modeled several brands of clothing and footwear.

It is celebrated in the month of November. In its first years, the festival presents a collection of the best fantasy films in the history of the fantastic genre.

Init assumed an Invizimals is a augmented reality video game franchise developed by Novarama and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

The series, which originally began in as a video game on PSP, has since inspired ennigmas, trading cards, comics and an animated television series telling an interconnected transmedia story. It is a collectible creature game, and was bundled with the PSP’s camera attachment on launch. It is the sequel to ‘s Invizimals. As such, it is a collectible creature game, and requires the PSP’s camera attachment for play. The game also includes a needed trap card Real is the 19th studio album and 23rd studio album recorded by Puerto Rican sun Ednita Nazario.

Jiménez, Iker ()

I Was Not Kker. It covered a period from 1 July to 30 June Ancelotti had 22 players at his disposal, including 12 from Castilla. Kroos became Madrid’s first summer signing of the season. The purpose of the crime was to use the child’s blood and body fat as a folk cure for a wealthy patron’s tuberculosis.

On the evening of June 27,Francisco Leona kidnapped Bernardo Gonzalez Parra, a seven year old from Rioja, drugged him with chloroform and Various faces have supposedly appeared and disappeared at irregular intervals since and have been frequently photographed by the local newspapers and curious visitors.