A collection of disease information resources and questions answered by our Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Specialists for Medullary sponge kidney. NOTICE Undefined index: PDF (includes_ws_v2/controladores/[54]). HIPOKALIEMIA SINTOMÁTICA ASOCIADA A ENFERMEDAD DE CACCHI – RICCI. V. Esteve, N. Fontseré, A. Saurina, X. Cuevas. Read. Times was read.

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Medullary sponge kidney is usually a benign condition, and patients can remain asymptomatic. Enfremedad known as lenarduzzi cacchiricci disease, medullary sponge kidney is a congenital developmental abnormality characterized by ectasia and cystic dilatation of the intrapyramidal or intrapapillary portions of the renal medullary collecting ducts.

Orphanet: Enfermedad de Cacchi Ricci

Bibliografia y lecturas recomendadas ascitis urinosa en. Pdf symptomatic hypokalemia associated with cacchiricci.

Syndactyly, telecanthus, anogenital and renal malformations, toe syndactyly, telecanthus, anogenital and renal ejfermedad. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Medullary sponge kidney msk is a birth defect of the tubules tiny tubes inside the kidneys. National kidney foundation genetic and rare diseases.

  2003 R6 MANUAL PDF

The file contains 5 pages and is free to view, download or print. Individuals with medullary sponge kidney are at increased risk for kidney stones and urinary tract infection uti.

Interstitial megalocytic nephritis, transplant megalocytic interstitial nephritis type. Medullary sponge kidney is a benign congenital disorder characterized by dilatation of collecting tubules in 1 or more renal papillae, affecting 1 or both kidneys. On the first click the button will be activated and you can then share the poster with a second click.

In a normal kidney, urine flows through these tubules as it is being formed. Medullary sponge kidney is associated with several developmental and genetic disorders including the following conditions.


Medullary cystic kidney is a rare inherited kidney disease nephropathy characterized by excessive amounts of urea and other waste products in the urine uremia. In msk, tiny sacs called cysts form in the medulla the inner part of the kidney, creating a spongelike appearance. Poster actions add bookmark contact presenter send a friend download pdf. Medullary sponge kidney nord national organization cacchi-rlcci.



Medullary sponge kidney also known as cacchiricci disease is a congenital disorder of the kidneys characterized by cystic dilatation of the ccacchi-ricci tubules in one or both kidneys. Por lo menos 29 casos con hemihipertrofia congenita han sido publicados previamente. Cacchi ricci disease, precalyceal canalicular ectasia, cacchiricci syndrome, sponge kidney, cystic dilatation of renal collecting tubes megalocytic interstitial nephritis synonyms.