Efke 35mm IR Black and White Infrared Film – is a great medium speed film when you want to shoot this specialized type of image. With a spectral sensitivity . I have created this group to talk about and share pictures made with Efke IR infrared film. With the demise of Kodak’s HIE people are looking for an. This is why Efke’s exists. The traditional heavy users of IR film–police, military, scientific–have mostly switched to digital imaging.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Efkr amount of IR in sunlight is greatest a couple of hours either side of noon, and varies greatly with the angle of the sun: I would suggest to every one to test it themselves don’t listen to what other people say.

The film base is also thinner and more transparent, making inspection of the negative easier. Grain was wisible but acceptable. When bracketing, err always on the side of overexposure: From what I’ve read you need the Hoya R72 filter to turn the sky black.

Infrared with Efke IR 820c Aura

Grain is reasonably clear-cut, and modest in size; sharpness, in common with most IR films, is fairly low. In other words, this is not a fast film.

You must load this in darkness. With the use of a deep red or opaque filter, water and blue sky become deep black. Just make sure you load and unload the film into your camera in complete darkness. At 14 minutes, I never needed less than Grade 2 or more than Grade 4, at least with a half-competently exposed negative. There have been efforts [2] to save the Fotokemika heritage.


Efke 35mm IR Black and White Infrared Film (1 Roll)

But what is its “signature,” and how is this affected by the variables mentioned earlier? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For development, I used Xtol 1 to 2 dilution, 68 degrees F, for 16 minutes. Though auras a great for graphic artwork, and Efke Aura IR works well with this filter. It’s also somewhat less expensive.

Efke Infrared IR820 35mm

Eke prefer using the anti-halation, because of the sharp focus and fine art 8220 look. Rated 4 out of 5 by burghal from nice halo effects Shot this on a cloudy day and still got some nice halo effects. The Efke 25, 50 and products were made using the ADOX formulas that were first introduced in the s. The tonal range was excellent except that the sky did not turn black even though it was a sunny day. Please feel free to share evke Efke IRc pics made on any format from 35mm up to sheet film I also have a bunch of info and examples of this film on my non commercial website www.


Maybe the Aura version, could be better, so I will give it a shot. It’s also so sensitive that it picked up the pattern from my camera’s pressure plate on a couple of exposures. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In the past efle films such as Kodak’s HIE offered this but have recently been discontinued and are no longer made.

Efke Infrared IR 35mm ยท Lomography Shop

And so far scanning has been a challenge but the prints look amazing in the darkroom. The negative was slighlty underexposed, still showing nice range of gray, but R25 produced no IR effect.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Rated 5 out of 5 by Writofassistance 8820 Infared Film! Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Yay!

This is a weird film; bracket just in case Please only post photographs that were taken on Efke IR 8200. Page 1 Page 2. Whitetail in the Snow.

So I shot at Getting a little closer to the title of this post, I recently purchased 8 rolls of Eke IR in 35mm together with one roll of the defunct Efke IR c Aura, second-hand for a very reasonable price. For anyone that is reading this shoot at