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The number of sequential storage pools. Collocates by group, the data for grouped file spaces only. All available tapes that already have data for the node are used before available space on any other tape is used.

The server determines that the volume is a candidate for reclamation if the percentage of reclaimable space co,location a volume is greater than the reclamation threshold of the storage pool. Help meplease. I desperately need that.

DEFINE STGPOOL (Define a primary storage pool assigned to sequential access devices)

Collocation reduces the number of sequential access media mounts for restore, retrieve, and recall operations. The value that is specified for this parameter is used to estimate the total number of volumes available in the storage pool and the corresponding estimated capacity for the storage pool. However, the server continues to store files into the primary storage pool and any remaining copy storage pools or active-data pools.

Because you can require that files remain in the storage pool for a minimum number of days, the server may migrate all eligible files to the next storage pool yet not meet the low migration threshold. If you specify CRC validation for a storage pool, data is validated only during volume auditing operations.

The storage pools cpllocation the same device class. Volumes that are emptied by reclamation can be checked out collocaion the library, freeing slots for new volumes. Collocates the data by node for ungrouped colloction.

The first process that is still migrating files that satisfy the migration delay time might have, by itself, caused the low migration threshold to be met. File spaces A and B are collocated by file space collocation group, while C, D, and E are collocated by node.

  LU1T516-43 LF PDF

All volumes in this storage pool are created as FILE volumes. If this storage pool does not have a next storage pool, the server cannot migrate files from this storage pool collocatkon cannot store files that exceed the maximum size for this storage pool in another storage pool. Please bring me back to life!

The copy storage pool list is active only for the life of the client session and applies to all the primary storage pools in a particular storage pool hierarchy.

Read oxford-collocations-dictionary-for-students-english-2nd-edition

However, no new writes are permitted to volumes in the storage pool from volumes outside the storage pool. Collocation can also impact the number of processes migrating disks to sequential pool.

For multiple files that are sent in a single transaction, the server considers the size of the transaction to be the file size. Enable collocation of files for client nodes.

For storage pools that use a WORM device class, you can lower the value from diletype default of If a write failure occurs for any of the active-data pools, the server stops writing to the failing active-data pool for the remainder of the session, but continues storing files into the primary pool and any remaining active-data pools and copy storage pools.

One of the drives is for the input volume, and the other drive fiketype for the output volume. When scratch volumes with the device type of FILE are deleted, the space that the volumes occupied is freed by the server and returned to the file system.

You can specify one of the following options: The client estimates the size of files that are sent to the server. IBM Generation 3 drives and later with Generation 2 media and later.

When you specify this parameter, the server moves all data from reclaimed volumes to the reclaim storage pool regardless of the number of drives in the library. Do not use this parameter to specify a storage pool for data migration. The client estimate is used rather than the actual amount of data that is sent to the colloocation. The simultaneous-write function is not supported for NAS backup operations.


Lowering the value allows the server to consolidate data onto fewer volumes when needed.

No Specifies that collocation is disabled. Specifying this value ensures that data is written simultaneously whenever this pool is a target for any of the eligible operations.

Oxford Collocation Dictionary (PDF) | English Learners

Hi my dear colleague! Yes Collocatiob that, when necessary to meet the low migration threshold, the server continues to migrate files that do not satisfy the migration delay time. The number of available mount points and drives depends on other IBM Spectrum Protect and colllocation activity and on the mount limits of the device classes for the sequential access storage pools that are involved in the migration.

Do not specify a directory-container or cloud-container storage pool. However, the simultaneous-write configuration is accepted. These pools remain active for the duration of the migration process. Collocates the data by group for grouped nodes. The active-data pool list is active only for the life of the session and applies to all the primary storage pools in a particular storage pool hierarchy.

When a data storage operation switches from a primary storage pool to a next storage pool, the next storage pool inherits the list of active-data pools from the destination storage pool ckllocation in the copy group.

Enclose the description in quotation marks if it contains any blank filetyps. As one process migrates files that satisfy the migration delay time, a second process could begin migrating files that do not satisfy the migration delay time to meet the low migration threshold.

Log in to Reply Amir Dec 19, 1: Log in to Reply Benyamin Siran May 20, Write failures to the primary storage pool cause the migration process to fail. Collocqtion parameter allows you to specify whether the server is allowed to continue the migration process by migrating files that do not satisfy the migration delay time.

You can specify any device class except for the DISK device class.