Tokyo Ueno Ameyoko Official Homepage -. View the location of Ameyoko(Ameya-Yokochō) on a map! Find the address, how to get there and more in our map page. Get localized now!. See a Google Map of the Ameyayokocho (“Ameyoko”) area. Use the search box in the larger map to locate specific.

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One of the favorite pastimes of many a visitor to Japan is going on a souvenir shopping spree, hauling in as many amazing goods and deals as possible. In Ginzapeople shop for high-end and trendy fashion in its many department stores and high-class duty free shopswhile Shinjuku is known for its abundance of massive electronics retailers — Tokyo offers many a shopping spree hot spot.

One of them is Ameyoko in Uenoan atmospheric open-air market that offers various stores selling a massive selection of fashion, cosmetics, drugs and medicine, and even fresh food at almost ridiculously cheap prices. Matsumoto Kiyoshi has made payment ameyokk Union Pay, a massive financial service from China, possible sincecollecting and analyzing the data of Chinese shoppers to decide what should be sold next.

Next to Union Pay and WeChat Payments having been implemented, Chinese speaking staff is constantly available, and the store is designed in a way that allows shoppers to freely move about the aisles even when carrying shopping baskets or large bags.

Matsumoyo Kiyoshi is constantly trying to improve its stores to offer international customers the best experience possible. With a convenient location just outside the ticket gates and right in front of the shopping street, it serves as a casual shopping stop for both commuters and sightseers alike. One of the major characteristics of Kokumin Drug is the attentive customer service towards both locals and tourists alike.


Speaking of the stores and shops that are the most popular among international tourists and shoppers, one that absolutely needs to be mentioned is a sweets specialty discount store called Niki no Kashi.

This massive selection of goods that is sure to satisfy any kind of taste is so popular, Niki no Kashi has even become a tour bus stop for many a sightseeing tour. Other popular snack recommendations include the KitKat Otona no Amasa Matcha flavor a box of 12 for yen, tax includedas well as the Sennarido Wasabi Pistachios g for 1, yen, tax included.

Ameyoko (Shopping Street) | TOHOKU x TOKYO (JAPAN)

With offers like that, Nikki no Kashi is an extremely popular and highly recommended stop just before your flight back home, making for a great place to shop for some last-minute souvenirs for friends and family! Multilingual staff is also employed, and Nikki no Kashi irregularly holds coupon campaigns specifically for tourists from overseas. Especially the Main Building A Wing is a beloved destination of international tourists, located at the intersection of two major streets. The second floor is centered on health and medicine, the third and fourth floor offers high-quality watches, and the 7th floor is all about beauty products.


The entire store is structured to accommodate to the needs and interests of travelers from abroad. According to the store itself, it offers aroundunique maap and goods while doing its best to accommodate to international customers. In fact, Takeya has provided support and specialized services for visitors from overseas from early on.


For example, Union Pay card started to be accepted in and inTakeya became the very first retailer to offer Alipay. A year later, WeChat Payment was added. Furthermore, Takeya offers a way to shop from overseas, having partnered up with the proxy shopping service Buyee. To make navigating the many buildings and floors as easy as possible, Takeya also features multilingual floor guides in each shop, as well as multilingual staff. Tokyo Events in January Can’t-Miss Events, Expos and More!

Tokyo New Year mapp Here’s where ameyokko catch the first sunrise in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Shopping at Omotesando Harajuku: Crossroads between Culture and Fashion! Fuji, the Symbol of Japan. Which One Should You Visit? Tips from Japanese Working Women: Shopping spot in Ueno. Address Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to Niki no Maap Big Kan. Niki no Kashi in Ameyoko The first Store. Recommended articles for first-time visitors to Tokyo.

Eating Your Way Through Ueno’s Ameyoko—Best Street Foods

Recommended places for first-time visitors to Tokyo. Drug store – Very Shinaoyama. Champ de Herbe Ueno.

Urban Comfort Ueno store.